5 Best Practices to Get Facebook Fans for Your Brand

Brands starting Fan pages from scratch are faced with the issue of getting new Fans.  It would be wrong to assume that as soon as the Page has been created, fans will flock in automatically.  It is also not advisable to rely on sending requests to personal contacts, when building a professional fanpage for a business.  After all, if the aim of the Fan page is to increase true brand fans and monetize the offering, relevant fans are the target market.

imgres-11.  Add social widgets to your website. 

There are a number of social plugins and widgets that are very easy to customize and add to your website.  The most relevant one is the like box.   This widget shows recent fan page posts and fans AND gives viewers the opportunity to like your page directly from your website.

2.  Invite your  email subscribers to become your Fans.

This is a list of relevant customers of your brand who are already connected to your business.

3.  Create links from your blog. 

There are plug-ins that allow every blog article to be linked to your Facebook fan page.  This gives value added content to your fanbase and increases the chances of your page being spread virally by your existing fanbase.

4.  Add your Fan Page link to your email signature. 

This gives anyone you email during the course of your work, the opportunity to click and become a fan of your Page.

5.  Use the power of photo tagging to increase exposure of your fanpage. 

Run promotions, competitions and ask for feedback using photo tagging.  You will find that friends of your Fans will now also be exposed to your brands via your Fans news feeds.


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